Canada Passport Size Photo Dimensions

    Canada Passport Photo Size Dimensions: Everything You Need to Know

    Obtaining a passport is an essential requirement for many Canadians who wish to travel abroad for work, leisure, or any other purpose. One of the key components of the passport application process is providing a recent passport-sized photograph that meets specific size requirements set by the Canadian government. In this article, we will delve into the dimensions of a Canada passport photo and provide you with all the information you need to ensure your photo meets the necessary criteria.

    What are the Dimensions of a Canada Passport Photo?

    According to the Government of Canada’s official guidelines, a Canadian passport photo must measure 50mm wide and 70mm high. This is equivalent to approximately 2 inches by 2.75 inches in imperial measurements. The height of the head in the photo should measure between 31mm and 36mm, and the photograph should have a plain white or light-coloured background.

    In addition to the size requirements, there are specific rules regarding the clarity and quality of the passport photo. The image must be in focus, with no shadows or glare affecting the subject’s face. The individual in the photo should have a neutral expression with their mouth closed and their eyes open. The head should be centred in the frame, with the top of the head to the bottom of the chin measuring between 31mm and 36mm.

    How to Ensure Your Passport Photo Meets the Requirements

    To ensure that your passport photo meets the necessary dimensions and specifications, it is recommended to have it taken by a professional photographer who is familiar with the requirements. Many photography studios and even some passport processing centers offer passport photo services that adhere to the government’s guidelines.

    If you choose to take the photo yourself or use a photo booth, make sure to follow these tips to ensure your passport photo meets the necessary criteria:
    – Use a plain white or light-coloured background without any patterns or textures.
    – Ensure that the lighting is even and there are no shadows on the subject’s face.
    – Position the camera at eye level for a straightforward, head-on shot.
    – Have the subject face the camera directly with their head centred in the frame.
    – Avoid wearing hats, headscarves, or sunglasses that may obscure the face.
    – Keep a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed and eyes open.

    Submitting Your Passport Photo

    Once you have your passport photo that meets all the requirements, you can submit it along with your passport application form to the appropriate authorities. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by Passport Canada to ensure that your application is processed smoothly.

    If you are applying for a Canadian passport renewal or a first-time passport, make sure to submit your application well in advance of your travel plans to allow for processing times. In some cases, expedited processing may be available for an additional fee if you require your passport urgently.


    Ensuring that your passport photo meets the specific dimensions and requirements set by the Canadian government is an essential step in the passport application process. By following the guidelines outlined in this article and paying attention to the details, you can avoid delays and ensure that your passport application is processed smoothly. If you are unsure about any aspect of the passport photo requirements, do not hesitate to seek clarification from Passport Canada or consult a professional photographer for assistance. With a properly sized and formatted passport photo, you will be one step closer to obtaining your Canadian passport and embarking on your next travel adventure.
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